The Eyes Have It!
Let us show you how to make up your eyes with a lesson
Lashes and liner - if you want a quick pick me up for your eyes
Lash and Brow Tint - Eyes come to life with this session
Brow Shape - Expert eyebrow shaping - We set the arch in the correct
place and show you where to grow for more fullness

Eyes Services

Brow Tinting
A vegetable based dye that lasts up to 3 weeks and naturally fades with time.


Lash Tinting


Henna Brows
All natural vegetable based temporary eye brow tattoo,lasts 2 weeks.Gives brows a fuller appearance and fills in sparse areas.



Lashes & Liner
If you want a quick pick me up for your eyes


How to Brow
Detailed lesson to train you to fill in your brows perfectly !

From colors,shape to filling in sparse areas we will help you "fake it till you make it" to let thin brows grow in.